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     Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, I was intrigued and drawn to discover Europe and other international destinations from my youth.  My earliest goals were to master foreign languages and to learn them abroad first hand.  My birth place, rich in culture and history, also inspired my love of storytelling and a deep passion for writing. 

    These initial proclivities have been a through line from my undergraduate studies, jobs, careers, and my two master's degrees.  My interest in the classics, history, and culture guided my path towards a long track of educational endeavors.  I believe there is great value in the advanced study of the humanities, combined with in depth real-life experience, on the road to becoming an experienced, multi-faceted, agile, and well-rounded professional.  

    Through academics to work today, my well honed writing and analytical skills have been one of my greatest strengths towards success.  A dynamic entrepreneurial spirit has driven me and is why I started and grew three small companies. I have been fortunate with the opportunities to travel abroad and use my foreign languages on the job.  Business ownership also allowed me to develop my creative abilities alongside more technical and erudite skills. I am most comfortable wearing many hats.

    My recent MA's degree achievement in 2019 and the resulting consulting company, embedded in Sustainability/Resiliency, were founded on my intrinsic love of humanity, problem solving, and all facets of our essential ecosystems.  I am grounded in a robust ambition to better sustain our earth and ensure that we redirect course to become more adept and agile to navigate the risks of climate change and vulnerability of many natural resources and habitats.

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MY Work-line: WHEN, WHERE & WHY  

Education  I completed my undergraduate degree in French with a minor in International Studies at the University of Richmond in Virginia.   Several years later, I earned a master's degree at SAIS Johns Hopkins University (JHU), in Italy and Washington, D.C.. My first MA was in International Economics and Law, focusing on international environmental policy. I completed a second Master's degree in Sustainability from Harvard University in 2019, to update my prior environmental studies.

Where  My Hopkin's graduate studies sent me to Bologna, Italy, where I worked and studied. After graduating and a few years working in D.C., I moved to Miami Beach, Florida.  When both  Florida companies I worked for closed down, I launched my own design consulting firm, working with past colleagues.  My work ultimately involved regular travel to Morocco and Italy for custom-design, container importing. I shifted to stateside work, due to a drastic US dollar value decline, and subsequently decided to work towards a new Master's degree in Sustainability to shift back to my past graduate studies.  I launched a small sustainability  consulting firm in 2018, as I finished up my thesis work and led a nonprofit.  In the fall of 2020, I moved to the Atlanta area - as the Covid-19 epidemic had stymied my consulting projects - to be near my family.

Languages  My Bachelor's was in French and was a core skill as support-staff at the World Bank (Francophone Africa division).  I studied Italian in Bologna at graduate school.  My Italian language skills have been fundamental to various jobs and my own consulting projects and work.  I studied Spanish in college and spoke Spanish often for work  in Miami.  I also studied Japanese in college.

Past Work  Post undergrad, I began at the World Bank, which guided me towards the pursuit of my MA from JHU in International Studies.  Upon graduation, I worked at a D.C. law firm, focused on an international law case and tracking environmental policy. Next, drawn to warmer weather, I moved to Miami Beach and landed a marketing/ corporate liaison  position with an eyewear importer (Italy). I also assisted in their legal document production. When the owners moved the company back to Venezuela, I began with a hospitality sector, spa development company.  I led some legal document work for them and then quickly moved into a research, marketing, and development position.  When the business shuttered in 2001, due to the owner's financial difficulties, I launched a consulting firm with my past colleagues, which ranged from spa  to residential design, and other international consulting.  

Find my subsequent work paths/details HERE.


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